MCYSA Registration Forms

The earlier the better !!!!

The links on the Left side of this webpage contain the forms needed to get ’carded’ by MCYSA.       Note - some of the forms have changed for the Fall 2009 season and must be completed regardless of whether you played last season.

Please click on the link, printout and fill out all required fields.

Each Player must present the following :

1.  Player Membership Form 

2.  Medical Release Form  (Reusable assuming no information needs to be updated (including ins policy # !)

3.  SAGE form  (Reusable - one form can be signed by player and parent)

4.  Copy of Birth Certificate  (Yellow highlighter on BIRTHDATE)

5.  Small wallet size photo to be used on the PLAYER PASS.   This pass must be signed by the player (signed name should match documentation and birth certificate).

Please prepare this ’packet’ of forms and present to your coach as soon as possible.       The Coach will have the player passes and will be responsible for submitting the packets to the District Commissioner.