2008 Referee Information

East Hanover Soccer Club Referees,
Things are starting to gear up for the 2008 fall soccer season.  On behalf of the East Hanover Soccer Club, I am excited to invite each and every single one of you back for another great season.  We have alot of changes to go over and some new procedures in place this year.  To help everyone understand these new changes we will be holding a manditory meeting at the Recreation Center on Tuesday the 2nd of September.  Everyone who wishes to participate as a referee this year must be in attendance, no exceptions. There will only be one meeting.

Please arrive by 6:45 and the meeting should last no more than 1 hour.

We will be going over a few rules at this meeting as well as our new online scheduling software. 

Please write down any questions you have about reffing this year and bring them with you to the meeting.  There will be a Q&A session at the end.

The East Hanover Soccer Club Executive Board has made some changes to how much you will make per game this year.  We will also be reviewing this new pay structure at the meeting.  These rates are regardless of Referee grade level attained.

All Linesmen (first year refs) will make $5 per game.
Anyone who is in their first year as a field ref or who has refereed less then 10 games last year will make the Trainee/Junior Referee rate of $10 per game.
Anyone who has graduated from a Trainee to a full Referee (not a trainee but not yet a senior referee) will make $15 per game. Mostly referees with 1-5 years experience but will depend on skill level as well.
Anyone who is a Sr. Ref will make $25 per game.  Sr. Refs are grade 8 or 9 certified and have more then 5 years experience on the field as a referee.  Also this is a promotion depending on skill level, years of experience are there as a guide.
*Senior referees will be on the larger fields with 2 linesmen or on the small field with a trainee referee.*
I look forward to seeing you at the meeting,
Nick Gennarelli
Director of Referees and Scheduling
East Hanover Soccer Club