Monthly Minutes

May 20, 2021

Date: May 20, 2021

Time: 8:00 until 9:00

Location: Zoom


Board Members Role Attendance Email

Anthony Vitale Equipment Present

Charlie Haas CTO Present

Eric Reiser Recreation Program Present

Gina Liebhauser Travel Program -

Gino Circelli President -

Marco Martire Treasurer -

Mason Rockwell Uniforms Present

Saverio Minervini Secretary Present

Tomaso Incognito Referees Present


Agenda Topics:

1. Rec Update:

a. Spring Clinic

b. Fall Season

i. Registration Status

ii. Sponsors

iii. Uniforms

iv. Trainers

v. Registration for fall sign

2. Travel Update

a. Season Status

b. Tryouts

c. Expiring Uniforms (end of 2021)

3. Equipment


Meeting Notes:


· Spring clinic registration thus far is 86 (2x the number of kids registered 2 years ago over the same period)

· Spring clinic make-up date the week after Memorial Day (May 8th). Email to be sent out by Eric

· Fall registration is open with signs to be put out at Lurker

· COVID waiver to be included with the fall registration

· Closing date for fall registration is July 15th

· Fundraising ideas to be presented

· Girls & boys travel team to hold try outs. Dates to be determined.

· Uniforms to follow up on Macron contract expiration