EHSC Monthly Meeting - April, 2016 - Meeting Minutes

East Hanover Soccer Board – Meeting Minutes from Meeting on 4/5/16

  • Attendees
    • Board
      • Gino Circilli, Gino Castaneda, Andy Liebhauser, Angelo D’Alessio, Chris Tate, Marco Martiere, Fernando Oliveira
      • Excused
        • Joe Peluso, JP Viegas
    • Coaches/Other
      • None
  • Rec Soccer in Spring
    • As of today, we have 42 kids signed up for Spring
      • Need to look at breakdown by age group
      • How many trainers do we need
    • Close out Spring Registration on Thursday, 4/21/16
    • Need to look how we handle the payment for Fall Discount
      • Do we open up a special period from 4/25 – 4/29/16
      • Contact these families directly
        • Have the rules set at $60
        • Tell them to act
        • Then we have new rules for Fall Registration Open up on 5/1/16
  • Registration for Fall, 2016
    • Opening on May 1, close on July 1, 2016
  • Discussion about Field Complex Update in town – 3/14/16
    • Best option for soccer is to
      • Have Lights at Middle
      • LP 6:  Sprinkler System
    • Consider using LP 3 and LP 4 for soccer
      • This would be in addition to LP 1 and LP 2 , LP 6
  • Travel Update (Gino)
    • First week of season was 4/3/16
    • The deadline to start a team will be moved up
      • July 1st (instead of July 15th)
    • Coaches can’t close fields, need to have a EH Soccer Board Member present to do so
      • This is based on feedback from Wind conditions on 4/3/16
    • No change in rule on heading right now, but likely will change soon (next 1-2 weeks)
      • U11 and below can’t head the ball
      • Gino will let the coaches know when he is made aware
    • League Cup for U10
      • 3 Refs
        • $30 for Center, $15 for the Side Refs (2)


  • Travel Tryouts
    • Want to distribute the flyer to schools during week of 4/18
      • This is after Spring Break and 3 weeks prior to tryouts session #1 on 5/13
    • Tryouts are May 13th and 20th
      • Possible overlap with the Color
    • Want to get Form (Gina Liebhauser) and then link it on the website
      • Look  to send a broadcast Email the week of 4/18/16 to announce and have link
  • Balls have been purchased for each Travel team and has been distributed to each team
  • Looking to schedule an ‘F’ License course in May, 2016 in East Hanover
  • Updates from other Board Members
    • JP – No
    • Marco – No
    • Andy – Close Spring Reg on 4/21/16, Early Fall Registration (based on Spring), Open up Fall on May 1
    • Angelo –
      • Working on new sponsors
      • Has list of existing sponsors
      • Will start working sponsors in May, 2016
      • Question if we can have 2 sponsors on a shirt for uniforms
        • JP can follow-up on cost
    • Joe Peluso – No
    • Chris Tate - No
  • Motion passed to donate $200 for charity cause in East Hanover
    • Passed
  • Meeting Closed at 9:25 PM
  • Need to pass Feb and March minutes at next meeting

Next meeting is on May 3, 2016 @ 8:15 PM


Ackerman Services

A. Molly Company

Avellinos Pizza & Grille

Over the Rainbow Children's Center

Don Jose Mexican Restaurant

Clean Cut Flooring

Dick's Sporting Goods

Schumacher Chevrolet

Coccia Real Estate Group, LLC

Dancing with Danielle

East Hanover PBA Local #227


The Godfather of East Hanover

Peluso Home Improvement, Inc.

National Building Supply

Zeifman Orthodontics

Posture Perfect Chiropractic

Caravella Demolition

Piemonte & Liebhauser, LLC

Frankly Financial

East Hanover Fire Department